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The latest in technology news from around the world that we have filtered for you. It is easy to be overwhelmed with information, so we are trying to help by picking out articles of interest and providing the link. The news source key table is at the bottom of the page.

May 20, 2014, Tuesday BBC The Web Trip Advisor fake reviews investigated in Italy BBC Windows China bans Microsoft Windows 8 on government computers May 19, 2014, Monday SNS Phones Android "police warning" ransomware KRE Security Blackshades Trojan Users Had It Coming May 16, 2014, Friday GC Security Windows users warned over spammed-out gadget malware attack YT Gadgets/Apps Eating Healthier, with Gadgets and Apps May 15, 2014, Thursday GC Phones Bogus anti-virus apps in the official Windows Phone and Android app stores REG Security Latest IE flaw being actively exploited May 13, 2014, Tuesday BBC Security Attack on Dogecoin vault prompts shutdown May 12, 2014, Monday SNS Phones Mandatory phone kill switch bill resurrected by California Senate May 9, 2014, Friday GC Security Windows 7 PC is more likely to have malware than XP PC, says Microsoft SNS Privacy US House committee unanimously votes to rein in NSA May 8, 2014, Thursday BBC Gadgets Surgeons trial smart glasses May 7, 2014, Wednesday KRE Security Antivirus is Dead: Long Live Antivirus! ZNET Security Microsoft report: Downloaded malware exploded in late 2013 May 6, 2014, Tuesday REG Security Symantec: Antivirus is DEAD – no longer a moneymaker SNS Privacy Can we trust anyone with our personal info? GC Privacy Dropbox users leak tax returns, mortgage applications and more May 5, 2014, Monday ARS Security Antivirus pioneer Symantec declares AV dead and doomed to failure EWK Security Target Breach's Latest Victim Is the Company's CEO May 4, 2014, Sunday ZNET Windows Windows XP: Microsoft can't wash its hands of the security problem so easily May 2, 2014, Friday REG Security Hackers ZERO IN on ZOMBIE XP boxes REG Security Study: Users don't much care about Heartbleed hacking dangers April 23, 2014, Wednesday KRE Security Phishers Divert Home Loan Earnest Money April 3, 2014, Thursday BBC The Web Japanese mafia launch website YT Hardware Behold, the New All-Way Standard for USB Cables CW Security Users face threat as hackers aim at routers, edevices ARS Legal Record labels say ‘Russian Facebook’ is a haven for music piracy April 2, 2014, Wednesday YT Windows Microsoft Is Bringing the Start Menu Back to Windows GC Windows With just days to go, just how many PCs are still running Windows XP? SNS Privacy Clapper confirms that NSA conducted warrantless searches on Americans April 1, 2014, Tuesday SNS Windows 42 days to go for XP - 8 tips if you aren't going to make it March 31, 2014, Monday SNS Privacy Transatlantic cables will bypass USA to avoid NSA spying March 30, 2014, Sunday GC Apps Fake Google apps found in the Windows Phone app store March 29, 2014, Saturday GC Privacy How to stop Twitter users tagging you in photos March 28, 2014, Friday CW Apple Nadella to Cook on Office revenue sharing: Drop dead BBC Privacy Google says government requests 'up 120%' in four years March 27, 2014, Thursday BBC Phones Samsung 'puzzled' by early S5 smartphone launch CW MSOffice 10 top Excel keyboard shortcuts March 26, 2014, Wednesday ARS The Web Meet the manic miner who wants to mint 10% of all new bitcoins BBC Facebook Facebook buys virtual reality headset start-up for $2bn March 25, 2014, Tuesday KRE Security ZIP Codes Show Extent of Sally Beauty Breach SNS Privacy Obama to unveil plan to end NSA bulk data collection March 24, 2014, Monday ZDN Security Microsoft reveals zero-day attacks against Word YT Gadgets Why Google Has the Best Shot at Making the Killer Smartwatch March 23, 2014, Sunday ARS Linux New Linux version will reduce suspend and resume times March 22, 2014, Saturday ZDN Tech 10 tech things we didn't know a week ago March 21, 2014, Friday BBC The Web Netflix boss Reed Hastings hits out at ISP traffic fees SNS Apple Apple users: Try these five tips for better Mac security ZDN Windows This is no way to buy a Windows PC March 20, 2014, Thursday BBC The Web MtGox finds 200,000 missing bitcoins in old wallet March 19, 2014, Wednesday SNS Legal Three indicted over $15 million identity theft spree March 18, 2014, Tuesday CW Apple Microsoft CEO Nadella to unveil Office on iPad next week ZDN Security Most businesses unprepared for cyberattack March 17, 2014, Monday BBC The Web 'Netflix for piracy' Popcorn Time saved by fans ZDN Apple Apple iOS 7.1 flaws, problems and fixes TL Security Beware: Missing Malaysian Flight Malware Is a Thing March 16, 2014, Sunday SNS Privacy Is Snowden reshaping global privacy? March 15, 2014, Saturday GC Security Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 video scams on Facebook March 14, 2014, Friday TL Apps The 14 Best Android Widgets for 2014 CW Security Major companies, like Target, often fail to act on malware alerts BBC The Web Websites of Putin critics blocked in Russia March 13, 2014, Thursday BBC Facebook Study: Social networks like Facebook can spread moods TI The Web Over 2 million web users join search for MH370 March 12, 2014, Wednesday CNET Gadgets Fitbit Force users report roughly 10,000 cases of skin irritation GC Security Critical Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability patched by Microsoft ZDN Google Google Voice: The ultimate iPhone how-to PCM The Web 5 Terrible Early Web Predictions March 11, 2014, Tuesday PCM Apple Report: iOS 8 to Include Transit-Heavy Apple Maps Overhaul PCM Legal Google Sued Over Android In-App Purchases March 10, 2014, Monday GC Apple iOS 7.1 released, patching bugs and fixing the White Screen of Death BBC Privacy Snowden: Surveillance is 'setting fire' to the internet March 9, 2014, Sunday CW Windows Microsoft risks security reputation ruin by retiring XP GC Security Want someone to click on your targeted attack? Use a LinkedIn message March 8, 2014, Saturday ARS Privacy Weirdest Snowden leak yet: The NSA has an advice columnist March 7, 2014, Friday TL Security Google Is ‘Pretty Sure’ Your Data Is Secure SNS Security 1 in 30 have been hit by CryptoLocker and 40% pay the ransom SNS Windows The Final Countdown - Windows XP end of support popup has started March 6, 2014, Thursday TI Security Hackers can attack your PC even without internet SNS The Web Where have all the Bitcoins gone? BBC The Web Getty makes 35 million photos free to use ZDN The Web Piracy crackdown sees 46 torrent, streaming sites blocked in Italy March 5, 2014, Wednesday CW Phones Pre-installed malware found on new Android phones TL The Web Yahoo to Users: No More Signing in with Google or Facebook BBC Facebook Facebook tightens rules on gun posts March 4, 2014, Tuesday PCM Security Identity Fraud: It's Here to Stay GC Security Twitter goofs up, and sends out mass password reset to users BBC Security China cyber-gangs use vast underground network March 3, 2014, Monday BBC Security Hackers take control of 300,000 home routers TL Gadgets Apple’s iOS in the Car Is Arriving, and It’s Called CarPlay CW Tablets Android takes 62% share of tablet market in 2013; Apple's share declines CW Windows No special treatment for China on XP March 2, 2014, Sunday GC Security Anti-virus firm finds alleged Kremlin cyberweapon March 1, 2014, Saturday PCM The Web Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies February 28, 2014, Friday CW Hardware Review: 3 new scanners store your documents in the cloud BBC Legal MtGox bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy February 27, 2014, Thursday SNS Security Notorious "Gameover" malware gets itself a kernel-mode rootkit February 26, 2014, Wednesday SNS Security Are you safe against mobile threats? February 25, 2014, Tuesday CW Security 7 hidden dangers of wearable computers BBC Apple Apple issues fix to reported OS X security hole BBC The Web Top Bitcoin exchange MtGox goes offline February 24, 2014, Monday BBC Facebook Zuckerberg: Facebook's mission is to 'connect the world' ZDN Phones Samsung Galaxy S5: Evolution, not revolution GC Security The perils of passwords and how to avoid them February 23, 2014, Sunday TL Phones Amid Shakeup, U.S. Cell Carriers Look to New Models February 22, 2014, Saturday ARS Security Critical crypto flaw in iOS may also affect fully patched Macs February 21, 2014, Friday BBC Security Security failings in home routers exposed GC Security Internet Explorer users warned of zero-day exploit ZDN Apple iPad lifehacks, tips, and tricks TL Apps The Smartphone App Wars Are Over, and Apple Won February 20, 2014, Thursday CW Security Microsoft delivers stopgap defense against active IE10 attacks TI Facebook Facebook-WhatsApp deal: 10 little-known facts PCM Apps 50 Best Free iPhone Apps for 2014 February 19, 2014, Wednesday ARS Phones Verizon seeks payment for carrying Netflix traffic SNS Security Nursing home data exposed on file-sharing site CW Security Researcher claims two hacker gangs exploiting unpatched IE bug February 18, 2014, Tuesday KRE Security Time to Harden Your Hardware? YT Security The Next Data Theft Target: Your Medical Records CW Security Zeus banking malware hides a crucial file in a photo ZDN Apps Risky behaviors abound in mobile apps TL Hardware Nvidias New Graphics Cards Prepare for the Steam Machine Invasion February 17, 2014, Monday CW Security There's now an exploit for 'TheMoon' worm targeting Linksys routers SNS Security Silk Road 2.0 emptied out by a hole in its Bitcoin pocket February 16, 2014, Sunday GC Security Kickstarter hacked. Users told to change passwords CW Apps How apps are changing fast food February 15, 2014, Saturday BBC The Web Data protection: Angela Merkel proposes Europe network TI Gadgets After the selfie, turn yourself into a statue February 14, 2014, Friday TL Phones Which Wireless Plan Is Cheapest? CW Security Third of Internet Explorer users at risk from active attacks AG The Web Google working on 10 gigabits-per-second broadband AG Security Bitcoin cyber attack a warning to users ZDN Linux Six Clicks: 2014's top Linux desktops ZDN Windows Microsoft extends date for OEM preloads of Windows 7 for business users February 13, 2014, Thursday SNS The Web Silk Road-alike "Utopia" dark-net market seized by Dutch police TL Facebook Facebook Adds New Gender Identity Terms CW Security IE10 under attack as hackers exploit zero-day bug February 12, 2014, Wednesday TL Security 6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Threats CW Apps 8 iPad apps that are complex, powerful and advanced ARS Legal ISP lobby has already won limits on public broadband in 20 states GC Security Beware! Flappy Bird fake apps are stealing money for cybercriminals February 11, 2014, Tuesday GC Security Corkow: cousin of the Russian banking Trojan family TI Apple Apple working on tablet-laptop hybrid device? ZDN Apple 30 iPhone and iPad tips and tricks CW Security Attackers use NTP reflection in huge DDoS attack February 10, 2014, Monday YT Security Why the Bad Guys Want Your Email TL Gadgets 3 Things Smartwatches Need to Be Ready for Prime Time TI The Web Russian authorities issue warning against Bitcoin ZDN Security Mac trojan steals Bitcoins ARS The Web Bitcoin price tumbles as Mt. Gox claims core glitch prevents transfers February 9, 2014, Sunday ZDN Security Change your passwords: Comcast hushes, minimizes serious hack BBC Apps Flappy Bird creator removes game from app stores February 8, 2014, Saturday TI Privacy Twitter: US most hungry for user info February 7, 2014, Friday CW Windows Microsoft asks for volunteers to join its kill-XP army CNET The Web Firefox's new interface is almost here GC The Web LinkedIn shutting down its controversial Intro service b>February 6, 2014, Thursday SNS Security Google Chrome will warn you when it's been hijacked TI YouTube YouTube to Crack Down on Fake Views YT Gadgets Your Gadgets Battery Is Swelling Up. Should You Panic? February 5, 2014, Wednesday ZDN Windows Windows 8.1 Update 1 now looking like April SNS Security Misleading advertisements lead to hijacked browser settings BBC Security Adobe Flash Player gets emergency update February 4, 2014, Tuesday ZDN Phones Top 10 Android phones (February 2014 edition) SNS Security Credit and debit card fraud targets US hotel guests PCM Microsoft Satya Nadella Named Microsoft CEO February 3, 2014, Monday ZDN Windows Windows XP: What to expect once Microsoft shuts down support BBC The Web DotShabaka top-level internet domain goes live ZDN Chrome 11 tips and tricks for the Chromebook TI Facebook Facebook wants to spy on Android users: Kaspersky TL Gadgets Affordable Smart Tech for Your Home February 2, 2014, Sunday ARS Security What a fake antivirus attack on a trusted website looks like ZDN Windows Windows XP and Windows 8: The worst possible combination for Microsoft February 1, 2014, Saturday ARS Gadgets FDA meeting, iOS 8 rumors point to fitness focus for Apples iWatch January 31, 2014, Friday BBC Security 'Chewbacca' attack hits shops in 11 nations ZDN Windows Microsoft to hide Metro start screen with Windows 8.1 Update 1? GC Security Yahoo detects huge hack attack against Yahoo Mail users TL Gadgets How to Find Your Wallet, Keys and Smartphone January 30, 2014, Thursday BBC Legal Prince drops $22m pirate action against fans YT Gadgets 5 Futuristic Keyboards Could Power Your Next Device REG Security Trojan-laden FileZilla clone slurps data, sends it to the UNKNOWN ZDN Phones Lenovo's Motorola Mobility purchase seals HTC's fate January 29, 2014, Wednesday GC Legal SpyEye malware creator Aleksandr Panin pleads guilty KRE Security New Clues in the Target Breach SNS Security US, China, India, Romania collaborate to arrest hackers-for-hire TL Gaming Google Chrome Launches Virtual LEGO Land January 28, 2014, Tuesday ZDN Apps 10 cool Android apps to start the year ZDN Legal 'Ineffective' Pirate Bay ban lifted by Dutch court TI Gadgets Samsung’s Google Glass rival coming in Sept: Report BBC Privacy US and British spies 'get personal data from Angry Birds' TL Gadgets Google Glass Will Now Come with Prescription Frames January 27, 2014, Monday YT Legal Weak Data-Breach Laws Leave Us All In A Compromised Position GC Security Hasbro website keeps spreading malware says security firm TL Gaming Microsoft Locks Up Gears of War Forever BBC Phones Global smartphone shipments top one billion 'milestone' January 26, 2014, Sunday KC Security Malware threatening small businesses’ data, livelihood ZDN Windows Windows 9: Can Microsoft pull off another miracle? January 25, 2014, Saturday PCM Apps The 100 Best iPhone Apps KRE Security Card Breach at Michaels Stores January 24, 2014, Friday SNS Security Hacker Guccifer reportedly arrested in Romania TL Phones 30-Second Tech Trick: How to Extend Your iPhone Battery AG Phones Apple to roll out larger-screen iPhone models, scrap 5c ZDN Windows Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Update 1: Rumored release target is March 11 January 23, 2014, Thursday ARS Gadgets Apple TV successor with revamped OS coming in 1st half of 2014 KRE Security Bug Exposes IP Cameras, Baby Monitors TL Apps How to Make Your Smartphone Smarter SNS Security Bitcoin wallets: How to protect your digital currency January 22, 2014, Wednesday TNW Security Bitcoin's Popularity Attracts Malware Writers TI The Web Great Chinese Firewall may have caused internet outage TI Security Tough to locate Target hackers: Experts January 21, 2014, Tuesday SNS Security Digitally signed data-stealing malware targets Mac users ZDN Windows HP bringing back Windows 7 PCs? Not so fast... YT Apps This App Lets You Copy and Paste From Your Mac to iPhone GC Security Korean credit card bosses say sorry 53 million times after data breach BBC Security Millions of passwords and email details stolen in Germany January 20, 2014, Monday ARS Security Internet users ditch password as password, upgrade to 123456 REG Phones Look out, Earth! Here comes China Operating System (aka Linux) TV Security The death of Windows XP will impact 95% of the worlds ATMs January 19, 2014, Sunday AG Gadgets Wearable gadgets: more than meets the eye January 18, 2014, Saturday TNW Legal Obama's NSA Reforms Draw Tepid Response January 17, 2014, Friday BBC Legal Silk Road forfeits Bitcoins worth $28m BBC Security Fridge sends spam emails as attack hits smart gadgets ARS Security Adware vendors buy Chrome Extensions to send ad & malware updates ZDN Security Target data breach part of broader organized attack January 16, 2014, Thursday BBC Gadgets Google unveils 'smart contact lens' to measure glucose levels CNET Privacy NSA reportedly collects nearly 200M text messages every day TL Facebook Facebook Rolls Out Trending Topics TNW Security Passwords Flow Freely at Starbucks January 15, 2014, Wednesday AG Google Google wants to organise the internet of things TL Phones Blackphone Aims to Be an NSA-Proof Smartphone GC Apps Android users warned about fake Minecraft app YT Phones 15 Wacky and Wild iPhone Cases January 14, 2014, Tuesday ZDN Windows Windows XP end of support in April: 3 more questions answered YT The Web 12 Delightful Websites for Kids, From Ages 2 to 13 TL Legal Net Neutrality Under Attack: The Facts January 13, 2014, Monday TI Windows Microsoft may announce Windows 9 in April REG Apps Banking apps: insecure and badly written, say researchers GC Security Credit card hackers hit US retailer Neiman Marcus SNS Security Target admits "there was malware on our point-of-sale registers" January 12, 2014, Sunday GC Security Microsoft left red-faced after blog and Twitter accounts hacked ZDN Security Yahoo update: Malware attacks more widespread that first thought TG Security Will Target ever recover losing 110 million customers' card data? January 11, 2014, Saturday TL Gadgets CES 2014 Photos: Gadgets, Cars, Wearables, Robots and More CNET Hardware Chromebooks find a cozy corner at CES SNS Security Target's data breach MUCH bigger than first thought January 10, 2014, Friday ZDN Legal Supreme Court to decide the future of Internet TV ZDN Gaming Game changer: consoles, Steam boxes, and the future of gaming TL Gadgets/Apps CES 2014 ‘Best Of’ Awards Lists Roundup SNS Security Just how secure is that mobile banking app? KRE Security Target: Names, Emails, Phone Numbers on Up To 70 Million Stolen January 9, 2014, Thursday ZDN Security Yahoo ad malware spawned European Bitcoin mining network SNS Security NameTag app uses facial recognition to look you up online YT Gadgets This New Gadget Is A Mini-GPS For Bicycles YT Apps App Lets You Send Secret Text Messages Without Leaving A Trace January 8, 2014, Wednesday YT Gadgets/Apps 4 Great Family Friendly Gadgets And Apps At CES 2014 KRE Security Firm Bankrupted by Cyberheist Sues Bank SNS Facebook Facebook is a bad way to rate potential employees, study finds ARS Windows Security Essentials for Windows XP will die when the OS does TL Phones FLIR Smartphone Case Gives Your iPhone Thermal Vision January 7, 2014, Tuesday MPC Gaming Steam Machines Pictures and Specs REG Security Intel ditches McAfee brand: 'THANK GOD' shouts McAfee the man TL Security How to Minimize Your Risk of Password Theft January 6, 2014, Monday BBC Gadgets CES 2014: Samsung shows off its Bendable TV TL Gadgets The Internet-Connected Toothbrush ARS Security Researchers warn of new ransomware with unbreakable crypto January 5, 2014, Sunday TW Security Malware delivered to thousands via ads on Yahoo.com January 4, 2014, Saturday TI Phones iPhone 6 to come in two screen sizes: Report TNW Gaming Eye-Controlled Gaming May Be Closer Than It Appears January 3, 2014, Friday TL Apps Compared: The Best Music Services AG Facebook Facebook sued over alleged scanning of users' private messages ITN Windows As Windows XP wanes, Windows 8 scoops up users GC Security Cryptolocker ransomware turns from a Trojan… into a worm GC Security Shark eats swimming man video scam spreads on Facebook January 2, 2014, Thursday PCM The Web The Top 100 Websites of 2013 BI Security How To Block Cryptolocker REG Security Cryptolocker lures victims with fake activation codes January 1, 2014, Wednesday ARS Legal The top four tech legal cases to watch in 2014 GC Security Hackers claim to reveal Snapchat usernames/phone numbers TT Security Apple denies 'backdoor' NSA access December 31, 2013, Tuesday TWE Security Researchers: Cryptolocker ‘Took In Millions Of Pounds’ REU Phones Snapchat, Vine among top smartphone apps of 2013 December 30, 2013, Monday NW Security NSA intercepts computer deliveries to plant spyware BBC Security Cash machines raided with infected USB sticks December 24, 2013, Tuesday BBC Security Cryptolocker ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs' November 18, 2013, Monday USC Security Alert (TA13-309A) CryptoLocker Ransomware Infections November 15, 2013, Friday REG Security File-NUKING Cryptolocker malware MENACES 'TENS of MILLIONS' in UK November 6, 2013, Wednesday KRE Security CryptoLocker Crew Ratchets Up the Ransom AG is The Age (Australia) AIS is Angloinfo Singapore AIT is Australian IT ARS is Ars Technica AUT is The Australian BBC is British Broadcasting Corp. BI is Business Insider CCUK is Computing.Co.UK CIOL is Cybermedia India Online Ltd. CNET is CNET.com CW is ComputerWorld CWK IS ComputerWeekly (UK) DH is Daily Herald DIG is Digitimes Systems DNA is Daily News & Analysis (India) DR is Darkreading.com DT is Daily Tech ESP is eSecurity Planet EWK is eWeek.com ET is ExtremeTech FOX is Fox New GC is Graham Cluley GH is ghacks.net GIZ IS Gizmodo GU is The Guardian Co. UK GW is Gawker HITB is HackintheBox.org IBT is International Business Times IFW is InfoWorld ITN is IT News IW is Information Week KC is Kansas.com KRE is Krebs on Security KT is THe Korean Times MPC is MaximumPC MSNBC is MSNBC NW is NetworkWorld NZH is New Zealand Herald PCM is PC Magazine PCW is PCWorld PHY is Physorg.com REG is The Register REU is Reuters RO is RedOrbit SKN is Sky News (Australia) SMH is Sydney Morning Herald SND is Securitynewsdaily.com SNS is Sophos Naked Security TB is Tbreak TG is TG Daily THW is Tomshardware.com TI is The Times of India TL is Time Techland TM is Trend Micro TN is TechNode TNW is Technewsworld.com TR is Technology Review TRD is TechRadar.com TT is The Telegraph (UK) TV is The Verge TW is TechWorld TWB is Techweb TWE is TechWeek Europe USAT is USA Today Technology USC is US CERT/Dept of Homeland Security YT is Yahoo Tech ZDN is ZDNet (US) ZDNAS is ZDNet Asia ZDNAU is ZDNet Australia ZDNUK is ZDNet UK