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Residential Services

Our residential service is based on affordable quality work. We currently charge $105.00 (plus sales tax) per normal job. We do not charge by the hour. A normal job involves the work on one computer. A group rate can be quoted if you have more than one computer requiring service. We guarantee our work and will return to correct any problem arising from our work. In addition, we have a policy that if we cannot fix your problem, you will not be charged. Any hardware or software added to your computer is charged at our cost with no markup.

Our residential services include:

On location:


Pick-up and work on at our office:


Work we do on every computer:

Regardless of the problem involved, we have a checklist of steps we like to perform on every computer that we work on at our office. In addition, for on location work, we try to do as many of these steps as time allows. These steps include:

For suggestions for the residential user, please see our Suggestions page

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You can reach us at 440-254-1116 from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Saturday.